The Best Anti-Tottenham Jokes: Part 3!!

Is This What Makes Them 'Hot- Spurs'!?

Is This What Makes Them 'Hot- Spurs'!?

We are back again with more on Totterham! If Part 1 and Part 2 had all to do with ‘Q n A’s on the Spuds‘, this one has the main course itself. So get ready to laugh out loud at our lousy neighbours.

11Gunners continues in its endeavour to provide all you Gooners with the perfect build-up to the ‘North London Derby‘ this weekend..

# “I met this really kinky girl last night. ‘Humiliate me,’ she said, so I bought her a Tottenham shirt!”

# “I was playing Scrabble and had enough letters to make ‘Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’. I was gutted when I found out it was only worth two points.!”

# Contrary to what you may think, Spurs are the strongest team in the league at the moment. Sure, aren’t they holding everyone else up!?

# Is it just me or are Spurs the team to beat this season? Everyone’s at it!

# All trains through White Hart Lane have been cancelled due to a massive points failure!

# Tottenham are on the Internet and they’ve got a new Website. It’s called the ‘Trophy Cabinet’!

# Haringey Council have refused Tottenham Hotspur a new stadium on Northumberland Park, they said, ” Its ok to have a funfair once a year, but a circus every 2 weeks was taking the piss!”

# The police caught a burglar coming out of White hart lane and they asked him if had stolen any cups? The burglar replied ‘no, I never got into the kitchen!’

# NEWS JUST IN: Posh n Becks have reportedly just bought THFC for £300 million pounds for their son Brooklyn for his birthday present. Apparently, he asked for a cowboy outfit!

# After leaving San Siro, Jose Mourinho was asked if he was going to help Spurs get out of their slump. He turned around and said, “No way, I ain’t that special”!

And this one is the clincher:

# Richard Branson has been asked to sponsor Spurs, but he declined saying, ” I could’nt have VIRGIN on the shirts of a team that gets fu#ked every week!”

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One Response to “The Best Anti-Tottenham Jokes: Part 3!!”

  1. Gooner Barney Says:

    wats the difference between a bucket of shit and spurs..

    the bucket !

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